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Virtual Outsourced

For Planning-Focused RIA's

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Hi, I'm Chris, your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional providing virtual, contracted planning services to independent, fee-only Fiduciary Advisors all across the United States

Entering your clients' financial data, plan modeling, and analysis is time-consuming and requires focused attention on the details.  This work is my passion — I am in the zone when I am doing deep work.  Let ParaPlanNet take the tedious tasks off your to-do list so you can focus your time in the "highest and best" place it belongs — with your clients.

As your Planning Partner I collaborate closely with you.

I am flexible * I adapt to your work style * I follow your workflows and processes * I offer advice on how to make things better when needed * I clean up data when I find outdated information * I improve your files to keep your Planning Folders up-to-date

What I Do:

Financial Plan Data Entry

With access to your planning software, client files, source documents and CRM, I begin the planning process by:

  • Being a critical set of eyes

  • Reviewing current inputs

  • Entering new data

  • Asking the right questions

  • Noting missing and outdated information critical for the planning task ahead

Plan Design & Deliverables

Adhering carefully to the goals set out by you and your clients, I build out a custom plan by:

  • Working with your planning process & software

  • Using your templates & planning reports

  • Using client data inputs from previous plans (if applicable), meeting notes, CRM tasks, stated goals & client source documents


We collaborate together by:

  • Going over the plan results and assumptions

  • Making adjustments

  • Adding any details that may be missing

Scenario Modeling & Cash Flow Planning

I model scenarios by:

  • Using your assumptions

  • Creating additional scenarios when problem-solving

  • Finding additional planning opportunities

My creative plan modeling includes:

  • Advanced-level understanding of eMoney

  • Using cash flow models for quality assurance of data inputs

  • Solving for ideal outcomes of client goals

  • Problem solving and running through "what-if" scenarios

Risk & Insurance Analysis

I provide the following:

  • Insurance needs analysis

  • Review of clients' current insurance policies (Life, Annuities, LTC, Disability, Umbrella, etc.) 

  • Choose insurance products from available sources (and research alternatives)

As a licensed Colorado State Life Insurance producer, I stay up-to-date on insurance trends and products.

Retirement & Estate Planning Analysis

At your request, I will:

  • Review your client's current estate planning documents.

  • Read through Trust documents for answers to questions you or the client may have (and research any unanswered questions)

I regularly attend webinars on estate planning, LTC issues, tax law updates and trends in the field with Estate Planning professionals & CPA's.  

Tax Analysis

I perform tax analysis services including:

  • Resolving tax planning questions using your financial planning software

  • Modeling the ways your client can take retirement income for different tax outcomes

  • Determining tax impact of selling real estate properties/seeking alternatives

  • Determining whether ROTH conversion is suitable in any given year

I Also Assist With:

Client Onboarding

Client onboarding and tracking of paperwork (especially for NGO's) are best done by admins who do this everyday. Though planning is my true passion, I am happy to help with this as needed.

CRM Updating

As part of the planning process, with your permission and access to your CRM, I will gladly revise any outdated client data I come across.

Other Tasks As-Needed

I am always available to discuss any other tasks you may need help with that have not been covered here.

Office Meeting
  • Do you work with RIAs associated with broker-dealers?
    I prefer to contract with financial planners who are fee-only, simply because broker-dealers’ compliance adds another layer of complexity that restricts me from working for other advisors. However, I would consider working for an LPL advisor since I already know your system, and the opportunity to work for other LPL advisors would still be open to me.
  • How do you work with advisors?
    I am flexible by adapting to the advisor's workflow and approach to financial plan preparation. It is a collaborative process that can be refined as we work together. I work with advisors who need a part-time paraplanner.
  • What financial planning software do you use?
    I have 2 years of experience creating financial plans in eMoney and some experience with Right Capital and MoneyGuide Pro. I really like the detail I can go into with eMoney! I appreciate the benefits of cash flow planning.
  • Do you require a signed contract?
    As an independent contractor, I do require advisors to sign ParaPlanNet’s independent contractor agreement and non-disclosure agreement. Currently, I only work with advisors on an ongoing basis.
  • How do I start working with you?
    The first step is to schedule a discovery call to determine your paraplanning needs and whether we are a good fit to work together. Pricing and billing process will also be discussed during the call. Then, if we decide to move forward I will send you my ParaPlanNet independent contractor agreement and NDA to sign before we begin onboarding and working on projects. You will also run my background check before any work is begun.
  • Does the advisor need to provide you with access to advisor's technology tools?
    Yes. Advisor needs to obtain a support planner license for advisor's financial planning software and provide me with user access to any other planning tools, or CRM advisor uses. Advisor also needs to provide access to file sharing applications to share sensitive client documents (e.g., Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, etc.)
  • How do you handle sensitive client data?
    Any client data I collect to begin plan preparation I keep on ParaPlanNet’s encrypted hard drive with password protection. This password is not stored on ParaPlanNet’s computers, which adds another layer of security in the unlikely event a laptop was stolen or breached. With this system files are encrypted on our computers. Computers are protected with strong passwords in addition to accessing the encrypted hard drive with another password. ParaPlanNet does not keep any files or data in the cloud, unless it is residing on your own advisor servers or on your own firm’s secure cloud files. Any source documents I may need to collect from you or your clients or any data or documents I may download from your secure files, I delete/shred when the engagement is ended. Accessing Advisor-Client Data & Programs: All file sharing is done electronically. Ideally this is done through the vault system within the financial planning program being used (eMoney or Right Capital). For those programs that do not have a vault system (MoneyGuide), the Advisor-Client must determine and control the folder sharing system to be utilized. This might include Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, Google Drive, NetDocuments, etc. The advisor is always in control of access to their software and client data. Password Management: ParaPlanNet uses a secure password file on ParaPlanNet’s encrypted password-protected hard drive for password management.
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Trusted by Wealth Advisors
Throughout the Country

Great Attention to Detail

“I greatly appreciate Chris's assistance over the years, her attention to detail and her knowledge of eMoney.

She took the time and effort in making sure every client’s goal was taken into consideration. I highly recommend her services”

Krista Kirby, CFP®

Affinity Wealth Management Group

Accurate and Ethical

"For a financial advisor and fiduciary who wants to create a great plan for their clients, Chris is a significant resource and asset. Her attention to detail and capacity to catch the nuances of a client case will help advisors who can no longer afford the time it takes to create a comprehensive plan sleep better at night."

Rich Arzaga, CFP®, CCIM
Adjunct Professor, UC Berkeley Personal Financial Planning

Natural Problem Solver

"The most important thing I can say about Chris is that she is extremely resourceful. She can find the answer to any question and has been so helpful to me over the years. I highly recommend her invaluable service."

Harry E.

Neat Computer Desk

Let's Free Up Your Time So You Can Focus on What You Love Most – Advising Your Clients

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